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Architectural Design and Custom Home Construction

Complete with a design team in place for ease and efficiency in making all material decisions.

When the dust settled after the wildfires of October 2017, Jeff and Tracey reached out to their favorite builder Kevin Skiles to talk about how they could use their collective skill sets to help the community rebuild after the devastating loss of more than 5000 homes. After much discussion a plan was formed to organize groups of home owners in a close geographical location to build in a sequential time frame allowing for an average savings of 20- 30% for construction of a new custom home.

The Build Process:

Under Construction

Scope 3 – Laying in all material and finish selections.

Scope 2 – Structural/Civil Engineering, Title 24 Code Upgrades to create Construction Drawings to submit for a permit.

Scope 1 – Architectural Design – Creating a new floor plan and design elevation for your new home.





Under Construction

1010 Quietwater

980 Quietwater

860 Quietwater

Currently in Scope 3

2002 Bristlecone



2005 Bristlecone

3753 Woodbourne

2013 Bristlecone

3767 Boulder Point

Currently in Scope 2



2112 Vintage Circle

3767 Deauville

3867 Horizon View

2120 Vintage Circle

3940 Skyfarm

2199 Vintage Circle

Currently in Scope 1



3854 Horizon View

Bracken Ct


3862 Horizon View

3567 Fir Hollow Ct

2247 Newgate