T.I.M.E to Make Great Things Happen

T.I.M.E to Make Great Things Happen

T.I.M.E to Make Great Things Happen

I recently witnessed famed author Jay Shetty deliver a resounding message at the Compass annual conference that really rings true now, and for that matter, always. Thankfulness should be in your
hearts this season and delivered in a specific, personalized way to those you care for bevvied through finding your daily Inspiration by focusing on the positives while eliminating worrisome and exhaustive
thinking. In most cases, finding your own Mindfulness with a self-check-in each day that helps you center on your energy and what you need today specifically by tapping into your subconscious then lean
into Exercise that is both collaborative and competitive to harness your strength of conviction and determination. This sequencing of TIME will prepare you to find the success at most things in life,
including a winning pathway to real estate ownership.

Within the metropolis of Santa Rosa, according to BAREIS MLS, with October now in the books, the data points to a marketplace continuing with a steady yet seasonal demand level with 238 single-family
homes remaining for sale in the city and its environs – four percent greater than this same time a year ago. Buyers laid claim to 112 single-family homes during the past month – one percent greater than last year - while the entire municipality introduced 97 new listings to the market in October – 25 percent fewer than in 2022. The most recent period found Seller’s handing over keys on another 122 completed sales – 16 percent fewer than a year ago.

This measurable market shift remains affirmed by Santa Rosa recording a Months’ Supply of Inventory (MSI) level at 2.0 – a continued confirmation that buyers are still at the mercy of sellers in most cases –
not all - in the marketplace while establishing yet another data point echoing the uptick in buyer demands being experienced on main street since the opening of the new year; and, now with November
looking to establish an eleventh consecutive month.

MSI is the metric that indicates the number of months it would take to sell the current inventory at the current rate of sales. An MSI ranging from 4.0 to 6.0 is indicative of a balanced market, with lower
numbers increasingly favoring sellers and vice versa.

Within the city, Northeast Santa Rosa – the North Bay’s most active submarket - saw the introduction of 36 single-family homes in October – 22 percent fewer than this same period a year ago. The supply of
homes was met with more active demand during the period as there were only 115 dwellings for home seekers to consider by months end – 22 percent more than during the same period last year. Buyers still managed to absorb 44 homes into new contracts with sellers receiving closing checks on another 45 properties – resulting in MSI staying in favor of sellers at 2.6 – keep in mind that in this sector some of the new listings posted are offerings for homes to be built yet so that adds some unrealistic bulk to what is really available to purchase now, unlike most other sub-markets throughout the County.
Southeast Santa Rosa saw the supply of listed properties rest at 43 by month’s end – 13 percent more than just a year earlier. This submarket debuted 19 new listings in October – 35 percent fewer than last
year - while buyers garnered accepted offers on another 25 additional dwellings. This coveted corner of the city experienced 21 formal transfers in the period culminating in an MSI of 2.0.

Oakmont retains its ongoing voracious buyer demands - most coming from outside our marketplace - from those looking to acquire their new wine country retirement home. With October in the rearview
mirror, there were just 14 available homes for buyers to peruse, which is inclusive of property owners launching just seven new offerings during the period. Buyers inked out 13 new deals while sellers
completed 14 transactions during the month, allowing MSI to tighten further to 1.0.

Northwest Santa Rosa buyers made advances to gain control of 25 more deals while leaving 40 single-family homes available for sale at the beginning of November. Sellers committed 23 additional offerings to the market while 30 more homes completed the closing process leaving this region with a compressing MSI of 1.3. Southwest Santa Rosa sellers delivered 12 new offerings to the market while consumers placed just five more dwellings into contract during the period. Newly minted homeowners received keys to their new doors on the heels of 12 closings, leaving 26 dwellings available for buyers to view in November while causing MSI to stabilize at 2.2, again, indicative of a seller-controlled marketplace.

So, in more ways than previously considered, TIME is our most desired commodity. Both for exacting what you want out of life and for the life you can breathe into those you care for most.

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