Design + Build

Architectural Design & Custom Home Builder Process:

"A complete team of architects, interior designers and construction professionals working together to achieve the desired result."

When the the dust settled after the wildfires of October 2017 and Santa Rosa had lost 5,134 homes, Jeff and Tracey reached out to some of their long-time builders to draft a plan of action utilizing their collective skills and vendor relationships to take up the charge of rebuilding the high-end homes that were lost in this calamity thereby being able to help their community get back on its feet sooner, at a lesser cost and with a greater attention to detail towards helping each client plan the design and build of their new home. After concise discussions, a careful plan was formed to organize groups of homeowners in close geographical proximity to build in a sequential time frame thereby allowing for an average savings of 20- 30%, which in the upper end equates to $200-800,000 per home. The savings has been vast enough to wrap each client in confidence that they will be able to have once again what they really want – a new home.

The Build Process:

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