Geyserville and Cloverdale

Geyserville and Cloverdale book end the northern most part of Sonoma County at the head of the venerable Alexander Valley. It offers a quaint small town feel with a more expansive rural population now totaling nearly 9,000 residents. This proud region has evolved over time, both suffering setbacks due to economic changes as well as thriving on the other side of those.
As its neighbor to the south, Healdsburg has become a hot bed of tourism, many have sought out the quieter settings of Cloverdale and the town in between, Geyserville, for their weekend getaways.

This northern end of the valley also lays claim to dozens of wineries, the River Rock Casino and the unapologetic Francis Ford Coppola Winery and its bucolic grounds, restaurants, amphitheater, museum and more.

You will also find a real treat here, Lake Sonoma. A man-made reservoir that doubles for extensive summer recreation with its boating and fishing activities.

Bear Hunter at the Gates of Hell

In 1847, bear hunter and the mountain man, William Bell Elliot, was hunting grizzlies in the mountains of Sonoma County between today’s Cloverdale and Calistoga when he stumbled upon what he thought were the gates of hell. In the distance, great plumes of smoke, or so he thought, cascaded skyward. These were, of course, steam geysers generated from the heat of the earth. Grizzled old William Bell Elliot had found the hot springs of Sonoma County.
However, decades before, local Native-Americans frequented these geysers. They became so popular that tribes from throughout the region would travel to enjoy their soothing waters.
Decades later when the stagecoach began traveling to Healdsburg, hundreds of San Franciscans came to enjoy the hot springs. Many stayed in fashionable hotels and paraded around in their Sunday best.
While the hot springs remain popular today, most visitors come to the area to enjoy the fine wines. In fact, the area is among the most popular tourist attractions in California. With award winning wines and Michelin starred restaurants, today’s fashionable set still find the area very appealing indeed.

Buying a Home in Geyserville and Cloverdale

Geyserville real estate features a wide range of homes both modest and elaborate. Some of the finest vineyard lands/ranches in the world are located here. Many Geyserville and Cloverdale homes that boast extensive vineyard holdings have seen  private  sales  in the $7 million range and above.
There aren’t many homes for sale in this Wine Country region. Today (March ’23*) there are only six for sale in Geyserville. The most expensive one is asking $6,750,000 for an eight bedroom, four bathroom home. However, this also includes two additional houses on the property as well as a barn.
The least expensive home for sale in this northern Sonoma County town is asking $1.1 million. For that you get a small 892 sq ft house with three bedrooms and four bathrooms.
The median price of a home in Geyserville is $1.5 million. If you had told an old timer this 40-years ago, he would have had you committed to the nearby Napa State Mental Institution.
 Houses for sale in Geyserville stay on the market longer than other homes for sale in Sonoma County. During the 4th Q of 2022, it took slightly over three months for a house to sell in Geyserville.
The reason for this, in part, is that the town is quite far from San Francisco, and it is rather remote compared to other homes for sale in Santa Rosa, for example.
Cloverdale currently (March ’23*) has fifteen homes on the market. These homes typically take almost 4-months to sell, and their prices are much more reasonably priced than those closer to San Francisco. For example, the lowest priced home for sale in Cloverdale right now is a relatively new two bedroom, two bathroom condo which is listed for $415,000. It is 1,100 sq ft. Importantly,  its modern exterior is quite appealing.
The highest priced home for sale Sonoma Country’s Cloverdale is a 1912 Colonial which is on 16-acres. The asking price is $3 million. It features seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. The views are striking and overlook the Russian River and acres of rolling vineyards. The home has an interesting history too. It once was the headquarters of Italian Swiss Colony Wine, one of Northern California’s first wineries.
The average price of homes for sale in Cloverdale are $655,000, making it one of the most affordable homes for sale in Sonoma Country’s Wine Country.
Also, if you buy a home in Cloverdale or Geyserville you won’t need to install a hot tub or steam bath. Many already exist thanks to Mother Nature.

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